About us

Specialising primarily in signalling, we provide flexible support to a variety of other disciplines without the need for full scale mobilisation. 

Whether you require an assessment, plan, sketch or even full scale detailed design services, Mosaic Rail can provide you with the necessary skills to deliver either as a delivery partner or embedded within an existing project team. 

We are happy to work alongside local authorities, developers and also other rail project stakeholders.

Our core aim is to provide a high quality service without making signalling design interfaces and alterations unnecessarily expensive as we do not have the huge overheads and framework ties the larger more established companies carry.  

We firmly believe this is actively driving away much needed investment in railway infrastructure and we aim to provide best value for taxpayer investment.

Whatever your requirements, Mosaic Rail Ltd can support you in a variety of capabilities for single discipline or multi-disciplinary schemes.

We have over 55 years combined experience of delivering multi-discipline projects in the UK from signalling renewals through to multi million pound re-signalling projects.

We pride ourselves on being proactive in the development of the early GRIP stages to allow a smooth transition into the delivery and ultimate commissioning of our projects. 

This reduces potential change to the scope of works allowing costs to be kept to a minimum.

Our team works hard to ensure overheads are kept to a minimum by taking on more than one role within a project - something not offered by others!